​​​​​Animals *R* Us

Mobile Petting Zoo and Pony Rides

​​​Animals *R* Us is a fun, hands on and up close educational traveling Petting zoo based in Hillsboro, Missouri.  We are available for a variety of events such as birthday parties, fairs, festivals, block parties, organizational events, fund raising, promotional events and customer appreciation days. 

In addition to providing petting zoos for special events, Animals *R* Us also provides pony rides, which can be added to a petting zoo package or alone.    

Our mobile petting zoo and pony rides come directly to you. We bring clean and healthy animals to every event. Our animals are presented in clean, nicely painted, safe and attractive enclosures. Our more exotic animals will have signs on their enclosures with interesting facts about that particular animal. Our staff is always friendly and ready to answer all of your questions. Feed Dispensers are also located in different areas of the zoo and for a small token you have the option to feed “most” of the animals presented.

We are a USDA licensed and inspected facility. We work very hard on a daily basis and take pride in staying above and beyond what is expected from us by the USDA.

Please call so we can discuss our needs for setup, our animals needs to keep them comfortable, and truck and trailer parking.